3rd Wed, Sep 16th, Enger Park

The 80 foot tall Enger Tower (honoring West End furniture dealer Bert Enger) has rested atop “Grand Mountain” at an elevation of over 1100 feet since 1939.  In 1954, a Duluthian discovered a large Buddhist bell among war materials slated for meltdown.  A UMD professor traced the identity of that bell and it was returnedContinue reading “3rd Wed, Sep 16th, Enger Park”

1st Sunday, Sept. 6, 2020

“Who are the Nones?” by Bill Guse A growing number of people check “None” on surveys about religious identification. We tend to think of them as atheists who have heard our message of skepticism and changed teams. But is that accurate? Are they just as religious as before, but not identifying with one particular church?Continue reading “1st Sunday, Sept. 6, 2020”

OMG we’re going to OMC!

This Wednesday, August 19th, let’s gather at OMC in West Duluth. There are tables and even a tent outside, so it’s easy to maintain “social distance.” There are beautiful smokehouse dinners at affordable prices and a friendly modern atmosphere. Vegan or Vegetarian? Maybe one of these will work … Vegetarian Sloppy Joe ($10)  This sandwichContinue reading “OMG we’re going to OMC!”