1st Sunday, Feb 7th, 10:00 am

Erotophobia: My Threat of Pleasure

A persistent and annoying social phenomenon of Erotophobia hamstrings many people, denying them light-hearted sexual playfulness as well as bone-deep erotic pleasure. Erotophobia is an irrational fear of various aspects of sex that manifests as discomfort, disgust, or just unsettledness. It impacts society and our quality of life more than we know. Surprisingly, we likely experience erotophobia every single day.
We’ll explore the most common social manifestations of erotophobia, some suggestions of its source and why it persists, and a couple of tips on how we might overcome it and enjoy the sexual facets of our lives more fully.

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Rod Froseth is a holistic sexuality educator. He writes articles on sexuality, develops curriculum and educational tools, trains sex educators and therapists, and guides groups and individuals in their sexual development. Rod’s journey to his current post in sexuality education, surprisingly launched out of religion, as Rod worked as an ordained minister for twenty-five years serving seven of them in Russia leading a team in community development. Rod lives with his wife and youngest son in Duluth.

1st Sunday, January 3rd

We will hear from the ever-popular David Swenson on the topic, “I don’t believe it: The psychology of anti-vaxxers.”  This presentation describes the current challenges to public health that these folks present, facts about the effectiveness of vaccination, the social and psychological roots of their beliefs, and recommendations for talking with them about the topic.

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