First Social Dinner of 2022

Mariner Mall 69 N 28th St E Superior, WI 54880

A new year calls for a new experience. So this month we will gather to enjoy authentic Mexican food at the Guadalajara Restaurant in Superior’s Mariner Mall. On Wednesday, January 19th, we’ll take advantage of the free parking and break bread with others who share our honest approach to life. Earn your own “No-bull Prize” by coming out to tell it like it is with your like-minded friends and neighbors. We’ll be there at 5:30 pm and we’ll save you a seat.

Vinod Gupta – This Sunday

The Science of Manifestation

There are two main ingredients of Happiness: Gratitude, and to manifest what you want. By manifesting what you want in life, your life becomes fulfilled. In this talk I will share with you about the science of manifestation. There are four pillars of manifestation. I will apply those pillars to my 2021 resolutions.

VINOD GUPTA, longtime LSF member.

Vinod Gupta worked for more than a quarter century in the paper industry with SAPPI, most recently as Manager of Pulping Research for Sappi at Cloquet. He has an undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering, a Master of Science in Paper Chemistry, and a Master’s Degree in Management.  He is now a Certified Financial Planner and a Financial Advisor with Ameriprise Financial. He has two children, lives in Hermantown, and loves to dance, garden, cross-country ski, visit National Parks, read, do public speaking, and volunteer.

This Sunday, January 2, 2022, we will meet in person at Somers Lounge within the campus of the College of St. Scholastica. Doors open at 9:30 a.m. and the festivities begin at 10:00. For extra safety, we’ll be social distancing (four to a table) and remaining masked. Luckily, there is plenty of room at that venue to spread out so we can see and hear everything clearly. After announcements, a five-minute reflection, and Vinod’s engaging presentation, we will go out for brunch and discussion and fellowship. Why not start the year 2022 off with a great gathering of like minds?

If for any reason you will not be attending this presentation in person, try clicking on the Zoom icon below to begin a live stream of the event.

1200 KENWOOD AVENUE, DULUTH, MN 55811 (218) 723-6000

Christmas with Dr. Bill


Yes, that’s right. Christmas Day is this Saturday, and we’ll hold our regular Fourth Saturday Pavilion Party from 1:00 – 4:00 pm. Please bring along something to share: some snack that you’ve made or perhaps something relaxing to drink. We will laugh and sing and gossip and share like always. Once the morning’s over, the presents have been opened, and the kids are ready for a nap – why not join your freethinking friends for the afternoon? Or, if you want to, bring the kids with you! Bring your significant other if you want. If you’ve never come to one of these gatherings, this is your chance. Remember to park anywhere on Greysolon Road but not on 30th Avenue.

2931 Greysolon Road, Duluth (218) 724-4176

Top of the Radisson, this Wednesday!

505 WEST SUPERIOR STREET /// DULUTH, MINNESOTA 55802 \\\ (218) 722-8439

Come and join your freethinking friends at the J J Astor restaurant at the top of the Radisson Duluth Harborview. We’ll gather at 5:30 pm this Wednesday (Dec. 15) to enjoy a fantastic view of Bentleyville and downtown Duluth. Savor the fine dining in one of only five revolving restaurants in the country, at the top of the tallest circular building in all of Minnesota. Don’t miss this event, which is the closest thing freethinkers will have to a Christmas Party! It just wouldn’t be the same without you.

Change of Plans: ZOOM in!

Due to the “snowpocalypse” predicted to start tonight and last through to Monday, and to ensure that we can all participate in this month’s important presentation, we will switch to an online format. We will not be at Somers Lounge tomorrow. Instead, we will be online at 9:30 am to get ready for a our great presentation by local author Leif Enger (Peace Like A River; Virgil Wander; So Brave, Young, and Handsome).  He will talk about the concept of Practice. He has learned over the years to hone his craft and to appreciate the process of developing wisdom from acquired experience and reflection.

Just click on the link below to join in at 9:30 am.