1st Sunday, January 3rd

We will hear from the ever-popular David Swenson on the topic, “I don’t believe it: The psychology of anti-vaxxers.”  This presentation describes the current challenges to public health that these folks present, facts about the effectiveness of vaccination, the social and psychological roots of their beliefs, and recommendations for talking with them about the topic.

Second Harvest needs YOU

We are seeking donations to Second Harvest and/or volunteers to help out with their work.  The Freedom From Religion Foundation will match our donations up to $1,000.  You can scroll down to the PayPal link below to make a contribution and let Charles Gessert [cgessert@yahoo.com] know that you want it to go to the Second Harvest project.  If you don’t have a lot of money to play with this year, you can still contribute.  The group needs volunteers to work short shifts with fun people.  You will do simple tasks like stuffing boxes with donated food and fill yourself up with the spirit of the Holiday Season.  Wear your Lake Superior Freethinkers T-shirt and let the community see that we are good neighbors.  Once again, contact Charles Gessert using cgessert@yahoo.com