Pavilion Party THIS Saturday !!

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This Saturday, April 24th, we resume the time honored ritual of gathering at the lovely home of Our Flounder, Dr. Bill van Druten, to share a bite to eat and a relaxing drink. That’s right, all you have to do is bring something to share (perhaps some snack you’ve made or a soothing drink to enjoy) to 2931 Greysolon Road at 1:00 pm while freethinkers think freely and share a laugh or two. Park anywhere on Greysolon Road but not on 30th Avenue. (218) 724-4176.

3rd Wednesday, April 21st, 5:30 pm


Yes, you “heard” that right. We’re meeting live, in-person, in spectacular 3-D, with non-GMA free-range freethinkers, at Sammy’s Pizza in West Duluth! Be there at 5:30, or as soon as you can join us, to celebrate the return to Duluth of face-to-face heresy. We have much more to talk about than just religion and Sammy’s has much more to offer us than just pizza. So, bring your sense of humor and a friend (optional) to the reserved Back Room and join us at 403 N Central Avenue. (218) 628-2327.

1st Sunday, April 4th, 9:30 am


“Red/Blue Chair” by Kris B. Nelson

Please join your freethinking friends on Easter Sunday to celebrate the resurrection of several chairs by local artist Kris B. Nelson.  She is a retired art educator, curator at the Encore Performing Art Center and Gallery in Cloquet, and a board member of the Arrowhead Regional Arts Council in Duluth.  After 35 years of teaching K-12 in the public schools, she started her business ChairsByKris.  She is now a full time artist painting approximately 30 chairs a year in order to reach her goal of 1,000 chairs before she is 100.  Her work can be found in local galleries and businesses.  Many of her pieces feature nature or still life, but the “guts” of her work lies in her Social Commentary Chairs.  Join us as she shows 33 slides of her “soul” work and describes the impetus to each one.  Her subjects range from the Ten Commandments to the Death Penalty to the Environment and many more.

3rd Wed., March 17, via Zoom!

Please grab an Irish meal and join like-minded thinkers on St. Patrick’s Day, March 17th, at 5:30 pm.  We are still meeting on Zoom but, with restaurants open at 50% capacity and vaccines available, it is getting close to time to consider some face-to-face meals.  We are allowed to gather in groups as long as there are no more than six people at each table.  But what do you think?  Do you know of a venue that has enough room for us to maintain social distance?  Let’s discuss it over dinner.

Where Do YOUR Morals Come From ?

Please join fellow freethinkers on Sunday, March 7th for a panel discussion on the subject of where your morals come from.  Three panelists with very different spiritual backgrounds (an atheist, a monk, and a witch … and no, this is not the beginning of a joke) will discuss the sources of their own moral sense and how it applies to their daily lives.  The whole thing will be on Zoom and YOU are especially invited!