3rd Wednesday

522 South Lake Avenue
(218) 727-4192

Legend has it that Rosa Brochi ran what was politely called a “boarding house” at this location and thus began its tradition of offering 100% satisfaction. In fact, this is the location of the old St. Nicholas Hotel and well outside of the designated red light district in the alley behind the Club Saratoga. Also, there is no historical record of a Rosa Brochi ever living in the area and some suspect it is the name of co-founder Mick Paulucci’s actual grandmother.

Mick’s dad was Jeno Paulucci who started Bellisio Frozen Foods in 1990 (it recently sold for over a billion dollars) and owned Duluth’s Republic Bank since 1986 (49% interest in it was just purchased by Superior’s National Bank of Commerce).

Mick and his partner, antique collector Andy Borg, brought us Grandma’s Restaurant in 1976 with a magnificent atmosphere and world renowned wild rice soup. They also provided our wildly successful marathon, Little Angie’s, the Sports Garden, Adventure Zone, and the Bellisio Italian Restaurant. Andy Borg bought out Paulucci’s shares in 2014.

We will gather at the original Grandma’s Saloon and Grill at the base of the Aerial Lift Bridge in Canal Park at 5:30 pm this Wednesday (October 16) for fun and frolic and free thought.

First Sunday

Moral Behavior in Animals:
Implications for Freethinkers

On Sunday, October 6th, Charles Gessert will present the short film Moral Behavior in Animals.  Then he will lead a discussion that includes ideas from that video and from the 2011 book The Bonobo and the Atheist.  Both are the work of Franciscus “Frans” de Waal, a Dutch primatologist and ethologist, professor of Primate Behavior in the Department of Psychology at Emory University, and director of the Living Links Center at its Yerkes National Primate Research Center.  Dr. de Waal is a member of both the United States National Academy of Sciences and the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences.  He has written numerous books on primate social behavior addressing issues such as conflict resolution, cooperation, inequity aversion, and food-sharing.  Does this work suggest that we can explain and expect morality in human animals, even without religion?

  9:00  Coffee and Conversation
  9:30   Breakfast Buffet Available
10:00   Formal Program Begins

Duluth Radisson Harborview
505 West Superior Street
Duluth, MN 55802
(218) 727-8981

Logic On The Lawn

Once again on Saturday, September 28th, you are invited to gather at the home of Our Flounder: Dr. Bill van Druten.  Please bring along something to share: maybe some food you’ve made or some ‘spirits’ to enliven the conversation.  The fun starts at 1:00 pm, rain or shine, at his lovely home: 2931 Greysolon Road in Duluth.  Park anywhere on Greysolon Road but not on 30th Avenue.  This is the last of the Summer Series, however … Dr. Bill has graciously offered to continue the gatherings (indoors) during the winter!  They will take place once a month, so please watch for the announcements.