Vinod Gupta – This Sunday

The Science of Manifestation There are two main ingredients of Happiness: Gratitude, and to manifest what you want. By manifesting what you want in life, your life becomes fulfilled. In this talk I will share with you about the science of manifestation. There are four pillars of manifestation. I will apply those pillars to myContinue reading “Vinod Gupta – This Sunday”

Christmas with Dr. Bill

Yes, that’s right. Christmas Day is this Saturday, and we’ll hold our regular Fourth Saturday Pavilion Party from 1:00 – 4:00 pm. Please bring along something to share: some snack that you’ve made or perhaps something relaxing to drink. We will laugh and sing and gossip and share like always. Once the morning’s over, theContinue reading “Christmas with Dr. Bill”

Top of the Radisson, this Wednesday!

Come and join your freethinking friends at the J J Astor restaurant at the top of the Radisson Duluth Harborview. We’ll gather at 5:30 pm this Wednesday (Dec. 15) to enjoy a fantastic view of Bentleyville and downtown Duluth. Savor the fine dining in one of only five revolving restaurants in the country, at theContinue reading “Top of the Radisson, this Wednesday!”

Pavilion Party 1:00 pm Sat 27 Nov.

On Saturday, November 27th, we will all gather at the home of Our Flounder Bill van Druten, rain or shine! Neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of night stays us courageous heretics from our complete rejection of the accepted religions. Bring something to share: perhaps some food you’ve prepared or a relaxing drink.Continue reading “Pavilion Party 1:00 pm Sat 27 Nov.”