Ed Raby: Uncaught–Escaping the Pulpit

Ed Raby lost his faith in 2014 after wrestling with a quote by Dan Barker. Upon Losing his faith, Ed entered school where he worked on a degree in Political Science from Ferris State University, which he completed in 2018.  Ed and his wife Jody have been married 31 years and have three children andContinue reading “Ed Raby: Uncaught–Escaping the Pulpit”

First Sunday, July 5th

The Black Death in Europe: What have we learned then and now? The “Great Pestilence” of Europe in 1347 was one the most devastating and revolutionizing events in Western history. This presentation will look at the systemic effects of this event, its origins, responses to it, and impact on Western culture, economics, role of women,Continue reading “First Sunday, July 5th”

This Thursday: Live Happy Hours!

This Thursday, July 2nd, we will gather at the home of Tom Patten (3001 East 1st Street) for live and in-person happy hours from 4:00 – 6:00 pm.  Bring something to drink, some funny stories, and maybe a lawn chair.  Join in the relative safety of the outdoors with lots of room for social distancing. Continue reading “This Thursday: Live Happy Hours!”