TODAY: Happy Hours via Zoom or LIVE!

Please join us via Zoom for the happy hours that would normally take place at Mexico Lindo within the Fitger’s Complex. BYOB (Bring Your Own Beverage) and join us from 4:00 to 6:00 pm this Thursday to chat and gossip and laugh and maybe even sing a little on the World Wide Web. Or, if you’re nearby, you can come to the home of Tom Patten at 3001 East 1st Street. Bring a lawn chair and see your friends live and in person!

Zoom to the 3rd Wednesday Social
This Wednesday, May 20, @ 5:30pm

This month, we’ll have our first On-Line Social Dinner.  How can you participate?  Simple.  Just click on the link below at 5:30 pm and have your dinner along with the rest of us.  We’ll chat and laugh and share stories of isolation and quarantine.  If you want to support our selected venue for the month, you can order take-out or delivery from The Green Mill at 340 Lake Avenue in Canal Park.  The telephone number there is (218) 727-7000 or you can order online HERE.

Wherever you get your food and drink, please plan to join your freethinking pals this Wednesday!

Here is the link for the on-line social dinner on Wednesday evening:

Zoom into the First Sunday Meeting !

This Sunday, May 3rd, we will try our first online First Sunday Meeting.  Charles Gessert will make a presentation on Mortality in the Age of COVID-19.  We are planning to follow the same “order of service” that we have always used.

At 9:00 am, the Zoom site will be open.  You will be able to sign in to the meeting, try out the system, adjust your volume and so forth, and then interact with others socially—just as we normally do on a First Sunday morning.  You might even want to prepare some breakfast to eat at about 9:30 while you continue talking with friends online.

At 10:00 am, our host David Cole will open the meeting and make the usual announcements.  This will be followed by a five-minute reflection “What I Like About Conservatives” from Jim Lyttle.  Then we will hear Dr. Gessert’s presentation and be able to ask questions afterward—just as we normally do on a First Sunday morning.


You do not need to load anything on to your computer to take part in this presentation.  You will receive an e-mail message just before 9:00 am that day and you need only click on the address there to be taken to the meeting.  You can see the presenter, hear the talk, and watch the PowerPoint slides—just as we normally do on a First Sunday morning.

But you can download the “Zoom App” by simply going to and clicking on Download.  You can then install the application on your own computer to get even more control over muting your built-in microphone and using a button to “raise your hand” and ask a question.  It is better to download and use the App if you can, or if you can get someone to do it for you but, as mentioned above, you do not need to load anything on to your computer to take part in the presentation.

While watching the presentation, you can move your cursor to the bottom of your screen and a small menu of items will appear.  One of those items is called “Participants” and if you click that, another menu will appear on the right side of your screen.  At the bottom left corner is a button for “raising your hand” to ask a question.  This is optional of course. You are welcome to simply sit back and watch the presentation without doing anything, if you prefer.  We should be finished before noon so you can get on with your day.

Hope to see you all there!!

Like most organizations and for the same reason (COVID-19), Lake Superior Freethinkers has cancelled all face-to-face meetings until further notice.  Please be safe and use other methods to keep in touch with one another.  In fact, why not contact an elderly member or friend today to make sure they’re holding up well?