Monday, November 28

Today’s dusting of snow is over! Starting at 5:30 pm, we will be celebrating the dual birthdays of Our Flounder Bill van Druten and our Social Director Sue Anderson, each of whom will be somewhat over 21 years of age (in fact, if they were eight people, their average age would still be over 21). For 25 years, Lake Superior Freethinkers have been thwarting efforts to characterize this as a Christian society. From removing the Ten Commandments from their perch at City Hall to removing Jesus, I Trust In You from the top of a city bus, the organization has worked to protect us from proselytizing. Now is our chance to thank the folks whose fortitude and perseverance have kept the group alive all this time. Bellisio’s is in Canal Park at 405 Lake Avenue South, Duluth MN 55802. (218) 727-4921. See you there!

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