This Sunday on Zoom!

While democracy, in one form or another, has been around for more than 2000 years, it has always been more of an ideal than a reality. Modern democracies have embraced two new concepts – universal suffrage and human rights – as part of the evolving understanding of the idea of democracy. In this program, we will examine the question “Can Democracy Work?” as posed by James Miller in his book of the same name.

Charles E Gessert, MPH

Charles Gessert is the Treasurer of Lake Superior Freethinkers. He has been very active with charitable groups in the region since retiring as research director at Essentia Health and is sought after as a speaker and presenter.

Find us on Zoom at 9:30 am on Sunday, April 3rd, to join in on the discussion.  We’ll begin with a reflection on Sex and Money from Dr. David Cole, retired Chair of the Philosophy Department at UMD. Then we’ll hear the presentation “Can Democracy Work?” from Dr. Gessert, and he has invited us to bring our own ideas to discuss and compare notes.

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