First Sunday

Sunday, August 4th
Mining, Economics, and Critical Thinking

Master electrician Bob Tammen lives with his wife Pat in Soudan, MN.  He has worked in mining operations all across the Midwest.  When he visits the communities he has worked in, he finds more poverty than prosperity.  While some individuals reap economic benefits from mining, it is quite rare that the whole community benefits in the long run.  Promoting mining almost seems to be a faith-based activity.

Besides the mines, Bob has worked in nuclear, coal, and gas fired power plants.  This and his service on the ground in Vietnam have made him skeptical of both governments and corporations.  Indeed, some recent revelations about Minnesota’s mine approval process give us cause for concern.

Full disclosure: Bob and Pat bought 100 shares of Polymet so they could attend its annual meeting.

  9:00     Coffee and Conversation
  9:30     Breakfast Buffet Available
10:00     Formal Program Begins
Duluth Radisson Harborview
505 West Superior Street
Duluth, MN 55802
(218) 727-8981

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